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Over the years, numerous KittyCats! enthusiasts have worked on projects to help their fellow breeders. We pride ourselves on being a friendly welcoming community. As these resources have become more numerous, the need for a one-page one-click consolidated site has grown. We aim to provide that service. Let me stress that all of these resources are the ongoing work of dozens upon dozens of dedicated hobbyists, and thousands of breeders. Most of all, we owe thanks to the KittyCats owners who have created these cats and continue to increase the breeds and traits and puzzles for us, and also the KittyCats CSRs who help support all of us. 


I'm Ivy Norsk. I manage the Pawsable Traits Reference. I've been a resident of Second Life since 2006 and a breeder of KittyCats since 2013. I am not affiliated with KittyCats - just one of many ardent supporters of these animated pixel creations. If you have comments or interesting links for the site, please contact me in world or via private message on the main KittyCatS forum. 

Pawsable Traits

Is a hobbyist support page for breeders of KittyCats! in the virtual world of Second Life.

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